Avodah Shebalev:
An Introduction to
Messianic Jewish Prayer

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Printed Spiral bound Color Textbook, 171 pages with
accompanying CD:  
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The purpose of this textbook is to introduce the readers to
several key prayers of the Messianic Jewish Shabbat
worship service. The text will briefly explore the origin of the
prayers and blessings, as well as the proper recitation and
translation.  It is advantageous to be able to read the prayers
in Hebrew. It is also necessary to understand what is being
prayed - and why it is prayed in order to fully enter into the
corporate kavanah of praying in unity.  Kavanah describes
prayer offered with devotion, thus involving full engagement
of all the senses.

Mashiach quotes the prophet Yesha’yahu (29,13) and says,

“These people honor Me with their lips, but their hearts are
far away from Me.”

This textbook will take you on a journey of discovering the
rich background of the Jewish prayers that will enhance your
worship experience and encourage you to fulfill the priestly
role of Avodah Shebalev, the Service of the Heart.